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Why the New High Rise Ripped Jeans may not be for Everyone

A pair of jeans remains a popular, functional fashion despite being around for more than a century. People of all age groups see it as a wardrobe essential mostly because it is easy to wear and can be worn multiple times with different outfits without looking out of place. As a result, fashion designers and brands find it easy to create new styles and fads based on the denim trouser with the assurance that it will be accepted by their diverse customer base.

Jeans never fades

ripped jeans fashion | Top Viral Articles

Over the years, there have been some creative style additions to the plain jeans model with varying degrees of success due to perception and overall acceptance by people all over the world. Popular brands Levis and Vetements combined for an unconventional variant that was most famous or infamous for a strange butt zipper. It caused some outrage in certain quarters but it certainly appealed to other people who either found it hilarious or shared the creators’ vision for a unique pair of jeans.