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Netflix Secrets Finally Exposed

Netflix Secrets Finally Exposed

Netflix Subscriptions Are on the Rise

Netflix stock has absolutely skyrocketed over the last five years as the amount of people with a Netflix subscription has grown by 92% over that same stretch of time. The overwhelming majority of homes in the US have at least one Netflix account, and industry experts believe that this number is only going to increase in the years to come.

Sure, Netflix TV shows and Netflix streaming options are pretty fantastic on their own – but how does this company continue to grow at a breakneck pace no industry expert could have expected or anticipated, and do so this consistently?

So Why is Netflix So Successful?

Netflix Secrets Finally Exposed | Top Viral Articles

Believe it or not, the success of Netflix TV has a whole lot less to do with the Netflix shows and movies they produce or that they curate and stream and a whole lot more to do with their amazing marketing approach.

It’s the marketing behind Netflix that is the biggest competitive advantage they have any streaming industry that’s getting more and more crowded by the day.
Personalising Your Profile is the Key

All of the major streaming networks – Amazon, HBO, and Hulu – have access to incredible libraries of TV shows and movies, but Netflix is able to dominate this industry not because of what is Netflix hiding in their library but because of their ability to personalize your experience through your profile, the content you watch and like, and your viewing habits.

Tailoring Content to Your Desires

Your home page on Netflix today (right now, this very minute) is wildly different than literally ANYONE else’s Netflix home page. The content you see, the content you are recommended, and even the thumbnails shared with you via your homepage are going to be dictated entirely by the choices you make when you stream Netflix shows and movies.

This level of personalization allows Netflix to gather more info and more insight about your viewing interests and habits than any other platform is capable of. This allows them not just to serve up the best recommendations (the same way Google serves up the best search engine results based off of your online habits and history), but it also allows them to create the kind of content that the majority of their viewers are going to be interested in.
Netflix Secrets Finally Exposed | Top Viral ArticlesCrafting Content Just for You!

Netflix can even take it a step further by crafting content that they KNOW specific niches of their viewers are going to go head over heels crazy for, exciting them to consume even more content – even if the majority of users aren’t all that jacked up about another Adam Sandler movie.

The Secret Sauce to Netflix’s Success

They understand the metrics behind these moves, they know how to squeeze the most out of their content creation machine, and they know how to market better than anyone else. That’s the secret sauce to Netflix and their success.


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