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Video Shows God Walking Across the Sky!

Video Shows God Walking Across the Sky!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s God walking across the sky! It’s time to rally the masses, non-believers and believers alike, because something has caused a stir in the clouds and it’s not rain. According to Solo Dolo, a resident of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, she saw God strutting among the whites and before you get all skeptical, she even has the video footage to prove it!

Facebook Live Stream

God is Real Video | Top Viral Articles

Initially, what was a simple Facebook Live stream of a menacing storm hovering about the area, Solo’s video quickly spread throughout the interwebs like a cheetah chasing down prey in the Serengeti courtesy of an odd occurrence, to say the least. At first, she hadn’t even noticed the strange figure shaped somewhat like a man moving in the clouds until it had been pointed out to her in one of the comments.

During shooting, a singular bright gap stands out in the obsidian horizon which catches the attention of Solo who shifts her camera in the direction. Upon glancing at the conspicuous hole in the sky for a couple of seconds, she jokingly remarks about the lack of power in the area, thanks to the storm, and adds that at least someone in the sky has got power and has got them covered.

Undefinable Shape

God is Real Video | Top Viral Articles

Those watching the video quickly noticed what was wrong with it as they saw a shadowy, humanoid shape strut right across the gap in contemplative fashion from one end to the other. It appeared to be a tall male walking upright with a noticeable depiction of legs and arms.

Lisa- a friend of Solo- was the first person to single out the figure and upon noticing it herself, Solo was overwhelmed with emotion and took it as proof that God exists. On her Facebook post, she exclaims that her God is real and further goes on to say that He used Lisa Standalone Baker to prove His existence.

Viral Video

God is Real Video | Top Viral Articles

The viral video soon made its way to Twitter where it also turned heads with a number of users also taking it as evidence of the man up high. One bemused person noted that someone was in the sky before adding that “GOD IS COMING“. Others though weren’t as enthusiastic however and downplayed the incident with one particular user countering that he’s watched the video more than seven times and still doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He wasn’t entirely dismissive though as he concluded that he wasn’t quite sure what he saw.

Real or Fake?

God is Real Video | Top Viral Articles

So is it the footage real? Is God real? Well, according to Solo and a considerable number of people who have gone through the video for the umpteenth time, yes, he certainly does! Hard-boiled atheists like Richard Dawkins would undoubtedly beg to differ but this video is hard to explain. On the flip side, it could be nothing or just a case of CGI or a scenario where the ordinary has simply been blown out of proportion. We’ll let you be the judge of that. However, if it is true, then it’s time to look busy because God is upon us! And that goes for you too Richard!


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