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Early Warning Signs of Liver Damage

Early Warning Signs of Liver Damage

Researchers at John Hopkins Medicine Health Library have recently released a study conclusively proven that more than 31,000 people in the United States die from cirrhosis of the liver alone – and hundreds of thousands are going to be diagnosed with chronic liver conditions and diseases every single year.

What to watch out?

Early Warning Signs of Liver Damage | Top Viral Articles

The US CDC considers cirrhosis and other chronic liver diseases as some of the most common disorders and leading causes of death in the US today, which is why you have to be so vigilant against the signs and symptoms of these life-threatening conditions.

It’s of the utmost importance that you “keep your radar up” for the early warning signs of liver damage we highlight below, but it’s critical that you reach out to expert medical professionals ASAP if you feel like you are exhibiting ANY of these signs.


Early Warning Signs of Liver Damage | Top Viral Articles

If you have any yellowing of your skin or yellowing of your eyes, it’s likely that significant amounts of liver damage have already occurred and more bilirubin is being pushed into your bloodstream. Of course you’ll want to differentiate between the jaundice caused around bruises and jaundice caused by liver damage, but for the most part if you are noticing your skin or the whites of your eyes becoming tinted yellow it’s time to get help ASAP.

Mental Fogginess And Confusion

Early Warning Signs of Liver Damage | Top Viral Articles

Liver damage can cause a lot of metal – particularly copper – to start building up in your blood, and if copper starts to build up in your brain you’re going to begin to notice a lot of mental fogginess, a lot of confusion, and even some symptoms that appear to be Alzheimer’s symptoms on the surface.

Muscular Atrophy

Early Warning Signs of Liver Damage | Top Viral Articles

One of the initial symptoms of liver disease and liver damage is muscular wasting or muscular atrophy. If you’ve noticed that your muscle tone has just kind of been disappearing without any underlying reason behind it, it’s time to get a checkup ASAP.

Aches And Pains In Your Abdomen

Early Warning Signs of Liver Damage | Top Viral Articles

Liver problems and back pain go hand in hand, but aches and pains in your abdomen should also be signal that you get checked out by a medical expert just as soon as you are able to. Your liver sits in your abdomen (on the backside of your body, but your abdomen nonetheless) and if you’re feeling pain there the odds are good that it’s this organ causing the issue.

There are other signs and symptoms of liver damage or liver failure you’ll want to the on the lookout for, including symptoms of fatty liver disease (even if reversing fatty liver disease can be done), but these are the key ones you need to be ultra-focused on.


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