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The Carnivore Diet: Is the All-meat Diet Healthy or Crazy?

The Carnivore Diet: Is the All-meat Diet Healthy or Crazy?

What happens to the body when you continuously consume animal meat and nothing else? We all know that animal meat is dangerous, mostly when consumed in plenty. Generally, it’s only animals with short digestive tracts and big teeth that are meant to eat meat alone.

According to research studies, very few people have tried to eat and live on animal meat alone. Most of those who depend on meat alone do so because there are no other sources of food. However, some people are following the carnivore diet by choice.

Is there a difference between the ketogenic diet and the carnivore diet?

A ketogenic diet mainly focuses on foods rich in fats while a carnivore diet focuses on both fat and proteins. Moreover, ketogenic diets contain both animal and plant foods while carnivore diets contain animal foods only. Thus, the carnivore diet is considerably more extreme.

What are the benefits of the carnivore diet?

Although eating meat may seem a nightmare to a doctor, it has some benefits as explained below.

1. Fewer digestive problems

According to a 2012 study of Gastroenterology, depending on fiber could be problematic than depending on a carnivore diet. Although this is a controversial opinion, there is proof that carnivore dieters feel better than those who depend on plants.

2. Better Heart health

Research has shown that saturated fat improves the health of your heart. It’s worth noting that there isn’t any clear link between heart diseases and consumption of saturated fats.

3. Higher Testosterone

Research studies indicate that men who eat less fiber and a lot of fat experience 13% higher testosterone as compared to those who eat high fiber and low fat.

4. Lower inflammation

According to research by the journal Metabolism in 2013, high-fat eating lower inflammation which contributes to cardiovascular health benefits.

5. Increased mental clarity

Carnivore dieters tend to have better focus and think more clearly.

Other benefits include:

Weight loss

A simpler diet

So, what does the carnivore diet entail?

Here are some examples of carnivore diet foods:


Dairy such as cheese, milk, butter, and yogurt are the common carnivore diet foods. You should, however, take them in small amounts and at least one at a time to analyze how your body reacts to them.


Meat such as steak, red meat, and burger are the major sources of the carnivore dieters. They contain calories that can boost your energy.


Sardine and salmon are the best types of fish since they have a lot of fat. Nonetheless, others types of fish are also okay.

Fatty Meat products

Fatty meat products include Lard, Tallow and other fatty foods that are obtained from meat.

Whole eggs

The fat in the egg yolk is essential.


These include pepper and salt only.

Is the carnivore diet really safe?

The idea that most meat products get impacted in the gastrointestinal tract isn’t true. You can get bowel obstruction as a result of physical injuries or diseases. Therefore, this diet is safe for a lot of people since it’s similar to the ketogenic diet.

If you’re interested in a carnivore diet, click here to learn more!


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