Victoria’s Secret Angels Secret Fitness Workout

The Victoria Secret Fashion show is attributed as one of the best fitness inspiration annually and it will be held in Shanghai, China. We will all witness the angels wearing their seductive underwear but how do these models train for the runway? Most of them work tirelessly in the gym.These models do a lot of workouts and they are very cautious about their diets. They particularly concentrate more on their leg muscles which is a problematic area to most ladies out there.

Joe holder who is a performance coach and a Nike trainer in New York is recognized for the success of angels like Cindy Bruna, Bella Hadid, Maria Borges,Georgia Fowler and Romee Stridj. He focuses on athletic based training.His approach focuses specifically on weightlifting, compound movements and strategic conditioning.

Here are the workouts that can help you stay slim and don’t look over-trained or pumped. It is vital to remember that these exercises are just tools to increase your performance.However, you need to incorporate aspects such as sleeping,training and nutrition.

11.Maria Borges(Press, Rotation ,Pulse)

This exercise involves tying the band on a weight track which provides stability.

  • Stand maintain an upright position with your feet wider than your shoulder’s width apart
  • The right side of your body should face resistance band while slightly bending your knees.
  • Hold a tout band in your arms in an extended position out from your body.
  • Pulse your arms five times.
  • Pull arms towards your chest and press them out.
  • Rotate your hands and torso to the left with the left foot being the pivot then return to the centre. When doing this ensure your arms are in a straight position.
  • Pull your arms towards your chest and pull them outwards.
  • Repeat the entire sequence but ensure to stand firm so that you wont be pushed back by the band.

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