How-To Lifestyle Magazines

How-To Lifestyle Magazines

Online magazines are usually the complementary short version of a print magazine. Or a paid members-only subscription to an original magazine that is exclusively published online. Less frequently we see premium magazines online that are totally free or come with just an unobtrusive hint of advertising support.

Now a premium and free how-to magazine went online with no less than 68 different titles. And everything is fresh at and gets updated weekly at the very least . Some popular columns like Jokes or Poems are new every day. As we know a daily fresh joke or uplifting poem is always welcome, who doesn’t enjoy a short break from work several times a day.

turning-over-a-magazinePeople that prefer to read longer in-detail articles about their favorite interest find everything right there without changing websites. A growing list of interesting lifestyle topics is already available now that includes items from health and diet tips to dog care and other pet tips to problem solving magazines like ‘how to finally quit smoking’. Are you looking for some actual how-to info about these new super-sized HDTV’s? Look no further than to the weekly issue of the infoescapes HDTV Magazine.

Interesting also the Fine Gardening Magazine that does a great job giving informed how-to advice about gardening in any climate and season and how to transform your garden into a place of beauty. Speaking of which, of course beauty – relationships and wedding advice is always a popular and informative read. In season and out, quite fascinating and helps us directly to get our daily life under control.

Just opened: The Online Cooking School, a magazine that goes more in depth in practical terms than the older recipes magazine, that gives you multiple new recipes daily, no less. However the new cooking school magazine also tells the reader how to actually prepare these or any other recipes.

What would be a real magazine without the business section. There are several ones at infoescapes from ‘how to start your own business’ to specific business advice for companies that want to improve their actual marketing performance.

lifestyle-magazinesPersonally I’m taken by the new concepts and technologies that are online now. Everything and everybody seems to be moving into audio and video this year and more so in the coming years. Titles like The Web Conferencing Magazine or the Podcasting Magazine are read word by word with full attention to get the latest scoop on the pulse of time in these interest sections. Internet Audio and Video is another favorite of mine together with the ones informing about all the latest wireless how-to.

Winter time is usually a perfect time to do some reading, or just have the daily brief info scoop on a worthwhile subject. Of course the daily laugh in the jokes section is an essential, as well as a dose of inspiration from the poems section, something uplifting from the Bible and why not pick up a few new recipes on the way out. So there really is something useful for the spirit, the soul and the body. A Winter afternoon well spent.