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Titanium Jewelry

When we think about jewelry we usually picture precious metals and gemstones. While this is great for the ladies not many guys embrace the whole glitz and glamour approach to accessories. Men usually prefer something more masculine. Titanium jewelry is the perfect gift for any guy on your shopping list.

titanium-jewelryI couldn’t get my husband to wear any jewelry aside from his watch and wedding ring. He really hated the idea of wearing anything that was too shiny and showy for his character. I found titanium jewelry online and decided to try this as a masculine option to silver and gold.

The great thing about titanium jewelry is its simplicity. The metal is very strong but not too shiny in its raw form. I found a great titanium bracelet for my husband that he will actually wear because of the subtle nature of the metal. He also likes that it doesn’t have as much luster and glitz as silver and gold.

You can find items made out of this metal at just about any jeweler’s store. I chose to do my shopping online for the titanium. This approach works best for me because I can research an item without feeling pressure from a pushy salesperson. The titanium jewelry I found online was vast and I was surprised by the variety of items available in this metal.

Black titanium jewelry is great because it does have great shine without the glitz. The black polished version of this metal tends to be a little more expensive than its raw counterparts. I chose to get a ring for my husband in this metal just because I wanted to see some shine but not so much that it would frighten him off.


Prices for this kind of item spans a great range and I’m still trying to figure out why. I have noticed that the less polish and shine, the less the titanium jewelry costs for the buyer. I suppose that the raw form is much easier to produce so it is naturally less expensive.

This is great news for me because my husband loves raw titanium jewelry. I can find amazing deals on this kind of product easily. You can find great deals as well. Titanium jewelry is sold online for as low as 5 measly bucks for a watch. Of course, I did have to purchase the watch for my husband.

Now he has a regular titanium jewelry collection. I doubt that he will ever be so bold as to wear all of the items at once but it is nice to know that I have found a metal that he likes to wear. I might be pushing it if I bought a necklace for him though.


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