White Shoes

White Shoes White shoes are the new black. This started with the “white belt” trend in early 2002. Trend setting club hoppers across America wanted to be the first to wear the contrasting apparel, trying white shirts, white pants, white ties and even white hats. But the only fashion that made a successful fashion statement Read more


Titanium Jewelry

Titanium Jewelry When we think about jewelry we usually picture precious metals and gemstones. While this is great for the ladies not many guys embrace the whole glitz and glamour approach to accessories. Men usually prefer something more masculine. Titanium jewelry is the perfect gift for any guy on your shopping list. I couldn’t get Read more


People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are More Brilliant, Creative And Successful

A sign of success is seen in Ladies and Gentlemen who dress in colorful, crazy socks. This is based on a published article in Elite Daily. Colorful socks tell a lot regarding the individual dressed in them. Socks have many colors, some are neon green, designed image of the eyes, lobster images or flying pigs. Read more