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The Girlie Girl Way Of Choosing The Handmade Beaded Jewelry


When thinking about your style think about your body type – is it petite? Then we suggest wearing pieces that are dainty – smaller beads that, even when layered, will not overwhelm your size. Larger women will feel comfortable wearing the chunkier, heavier beads that are so fashionable today. Lifestyle is also of overwhelming importance, what do you spend your week doing? What are weekends like? No doubt your need for handmade beaded jewelry changes, from causal to dressy and everything in between as do your outfits.

When choosing a beaded necklace, bear in mind whether the necklace will contrast with the outfit and stand out or do you prefer a monotone look where everything blends beautifully together? Will the neckline allow the necklace to sit on your skin or will the handmade necklace sit on the fabric? Is the focal point the jewelry piece or the outfit itself? With so many questions, do you need help with the answers? The great thing about shopping online is that, assuming you are home, you can place the outfit next to your computer and go exploring, all while wearing your jammies.

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