Home Fashion Why the New High Rise Ripped Jeans may not be for Everyone

Why the New High Rise Ripped Jeans may not be for Everyone

Why the New High Rise Ripped Jeans may not be for Everyone

A pair of jeans remains a popular, functional fashion despite being around for more than a century. People of all age groups see it as a wardrobe essential mostly because it is easy to wear and can be worn multiple times with different outfits without looking out of place. As a result, fashion designers and brands find it easy to create new styles and fads based on the denim trouser with the assurance that it will be accepted by their diverse customer base.

Jeans never fades

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Over the years, there have been some creative style additions to the plain jeans model with varying degrees of success due to perception and overall acceptance by people all over the world. Popular brands Levis and Vetements combined for an unconventional variant that was most famous or infamous for a strange butt zipper. It caused some outrage in certain quarters but it certainly appealed to other people who either found it hilarious or shared the creators’ vision for a unique pair of jeans.

Innovative Designs

ripped jeans fashion | Top Viral Articles

Since then, there have been many other variations, additions and innovative style amendments to the shape and size of the jean trouser. These models include a comfort-oriented version with detachable pants, splattered mud designs, ripped jeans among others. Of all these designs, the latter is becoming more popular with young people finding it more suited to their adventurous, daring lifestyles compared to the previous conservative styles.

Wearing it ripped

ripped jeans fashion | Top Viral Articles

Ripped jeans come in a variety of styles and the degree of shredding often varies from one brand to another. While some people are at home with the slightly ripped version, others prefer something more extreme and eye-catching. Perhaps this explains why a new set of ighly ripped’ jeans appears to be creating waves across the US. This statement pair of jeans comes with cut-outs in front and at the back which exposes more than a little skin.

Now, flashing a little skin isn’tt a big deal to most people but leaving your entire thigh and parts of your butt exposed is considered a little extreme. Funny enough the jeans retain its pockets in a bid to appear like the functional pair of trousers it originally was. It is available at CARMAR Denim where it is tagged as a igh rise pair with statement cut-outs’ and that is exactly what it is. At $166 a pair though, it is a statement that most people would not want to make or so we thought.

Getting Edgy

ripped jeans fashion | Top Viral Articles

To be fair, the turn of the 21st century has changed the perception about a lot of things. Although this pair of the cut-out, ripped jeans practically leaves you naked from your waist down, it should not cause any outrage considering the fact that nudity isn’t the big deal it used to be. Teenagers and other young people will see this design as tailor-made for them and will flaunt it at parties and festivals for as long as possible. There is nothing that gets your adrenaline pumping like a little taste of the forbidden.

With reports emanating from the website indicating that the item is completely sold out and a waiting list is in fact filled with lots of potential buyers, there is no doubt that a lot of people think it is worth the $166 investment even if it is a lot of money by any standards. For people like me who prefer to appear prim and proper, this statement pair of jeans is a no go area but I will certainly enjoy seeing it on other people.


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