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Kim Kardashian Switches to an Insane Crazy Strict Diet & Workout Routine: Rise & Grind

Kim Kardashian Switches to an Insane Crazy Strict Diet & Workout Routine: Rise & Grind

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The glamorous Kardashian family diva Kim K was never a big fan of strict diet plans and daily exercise routines. Sigh, this caught eyes of Mexican paparazzi who captured some unflattering pictures of the widely-loved entertainment star while she was out on a vacation. She’s been notably upset by her flabby pictures being made fun of all over the internet.

In an interview by The View right after her Mexico trip, she revealed how people were sharpening the pictures taken after two uterus surgeries. This triggered the celeb figure’s bodily insecurities a lot. According to what she explained, she definitely wasn’t in her best shape after not hitting the gym for almost 12 weeks.

Kim already wasn’t “feeling like herself” ridden with a chaotic mommy routine. Paparazzi following her everywhere definitely didn’t help improve the situations for her. Fed up with all the roasting and pictures, she decided to get it together and do something about her fitness level. One bad paparazzi encounter pumped her up to get on a strong workout routine.

Soon after that, Kim came across the itgurlmel or Melissa Alcantara, an epic celebrity trainer world famous for ditching toxic smoking habits and becoming a successful fitness trainer. Her inspiring stories of mental strength drove the Kardashian sister to give her abilities a shot- and boy did it work wonders!

Melissa has since then been an inspirational figure for the middle Kardashian sister, she even said being 10 percent like Melissa would be absolutely life-changing for her. Kim was by then, all set for an insanely intense fitness regimen.
Kim Kardashian’s crazy workout routine:

Her workout routine intensified with time and had all the essentials most of us have tried- some refreshing cardio followed by pilates and strength training. This subtle workout routine slowly transformed into a full-fledged fitgurl session:

It wasn’t long before Kim woke up at 5 in the morning for treadmill warm-ups and strength training which included lunges, pushups, shoulder presses, curls and of course, different kinds of squats.

This heavy morning workout was followed by some relaxing pilates in the evening and Kim’s personal favorite cardio activity- jumping rope and dancing! Melissa also threw in pelvic curls and heel beats in her workout plans to keep that butt toned. Her intense workout sessions ended with stretching exercises.

Melissa’s regular workout routine for Kim includes 10 to 12 repetitions of side lunges, squats, ab crunches, bicep and hamstring curls, skater lunges and finally some mountain climbers. Kim does each personalized exercise for 1 minute, repeating altogether 2 or 3 times.

Kim’s Fitness Diet

Besides sweating the fat away on the treadmill, she also had to tweak her everyday diet a lot. She switched to a healthier diet and began watching out on food portions on Melissa’s advise. Kim recently revealed an insider family diet secret to Harper’s Bazaar, telling them how Kanye was a huge fan of healthy food and is consistently trying new diet routines. She also said they just appointed a professional nutritionist who changes their diet every 10 days to keep them grooving and healthy!
While Kim tries innovative diet routines with Kanye, Melissa works towards Making food simple for her.

Kim’s typical daily diet includes fresh oatmeal or scrambled eggs coupled with a glass full of protein shake for breakfast, chef-made chicken or fish with vegetable garnishing for lunch and the same goes for dinner. Both her similar dinner and lunch are apparently cooked in olive oil, usually being fiber packed vegetables, red meat or eggs.
The celeb figure is known worldwide for her gorgeous figure and she’s surely doing a lot to maintain it!


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