Your pillow has a huge effect on the quality of your sleep. We all lie differently and it’s important to make the right choice, as an ill-fitting pillow can trigger or worsen headaches, neck pain and arm numbness.

The main things to consider are the position in which you sleep, the temperature you like, whether you have allergies and whether you’ve had neck or headaches in the past. Our range includes memory foam pillows, neck pillows and even cooling pillows to name a few, so we recognise that it can get a bit confusing.

Luckily, choosing the right pillow for you need not break the bank. It just takes a little know how. Here we have selected some of the best cheap pillows on offer, to help you get a great night’s rest.

These five great products all retail for under £20 each, so you can breath easy.

This lovely pillow is super lightweight and created with a breathable hollowfibre filling, which allows heat and humidity to escape. It’s ideal for front or side sleepers who are looking to keep cool throughout the night. £11.99 will buy you not one but two of these beauties.