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Causes Cellulite, and Can You Get Rid of It?

Causes Cellulite, and Can You Get Rid of It?

When you look in the mirror, there may be certain areas of your body that just don’t look smooth, or that look dimpled and bumpy. Some say it looks like the skin of an orange, or like cottage cheese. You may know this is cellulite, but how did it get there? What is it, exactly? It is any different from regular fat?

Causes of Cellulite

Some people have cellulite from the time they are very young; others develop it when they are older. It is not just body fat. Cellulite is body fat, but it is a particular manifestation of it. While there is no one cause that can be pinpointed in all cases of cellulite, here are some of the commonly known causes of cellulite.

* Heredity – Unfortunately, your genes may have much to do with how much cellulite you have. This may be particularly true for those who develop cellulite at a young age. It seems that in some families the tendency toward cellulite, like other bodily traits, may be passed from parent to child. This does not mean you can’t do anything about it, though.

* Age – Some sources note the “sagging” of fat cells as the way that cellulite forms, and as we age we become more prone to this weakening of fat cells. Fat under the surface of the skin is said to look smooth as long as the elastic nature of the fat cells remains intact. Aging may cause these fat cells to become less flexible and weaker, so that the dimples and pits of cellulite appear.

* Poor diet – You may be thinking that for a “poor diet” to cause cellulite, it must be high in fat and unhealthy foods. This is only partially the case, however – many sources note that a diet low in healthy fat may contribute to cellulite formation. This is because the consumption of healthy fats helps build strong, healthy cells in your body. These good fats, or essential fatty acids (EFAs) may help the weak fat layer under your skin to become strong and flexible again.

* Poor circulation – Some sources say that poor circulation can result in cellulite. This is why massage is sometimes used as a treatment for this condition.

Possible solutions to cellulite?

In addition to a healthy diet rich in EFAs, there are other things that may help you get rid of cellulite.

* Exercise – Target toning the cellulite-ridden areas of your body can help. Cardiovascular exercise, just walking, swimming, and biking, can also help by burning calories, toning the body, and increasing circulation.

* Massage – Some massages can help; many of them are inexpensive and available for use in the home. Some are designed to be used in the shower. They are said to increase circulation in the cellulite area which is supposed to help reduce the dimpled appearance.

* Topical treatments – Various creams and ointments are on the market that are purported to get rid of cellulite. There are recipes for homemade cellulite treatment creams, too. They are probably best used in combination with other treatments.


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