Warning Signs Of Adolescent Depression

Warning Signs Of Adolescent Depression


We are all concerned about the health of our children from the moment that they emerge into the world, but an overlooked aspect of their health could turn out to be one of the biggest factors. A child’s mental health, and, later in life, an adolescent’s mental health, have huge effects on the way that our children and teens live. Problems like depression can affect the quality of life for your adolescent, and can even affect their physical health.

If you think that your adolescent may be depressed, look for the signs described in this article. If they exhibit several of the signs, consult with your pediatrician to see if they think that your teenager might be suffering from depression. Adolescent depression can cause symptoms such as:

Irregular sleep – Sometimes teenagers are just on a different sleep schedule than their parents. It is perfectly normal for a teen to stay up late at night and to want to sleep in well into the next day. This is not an attitude problem, but a rewiring of their brains that drives them to these “abnormal” hours. They will return to “normal” as time goes on. What is not normal is a teen that sleeps all the time, going to bed early, sleeping late, and retiring for naps. It is also not normal for an adolescent to suffer from insomnia. While these could be symptoms of other problems, they can also be signs of depression.

Lack of energy – Despite all that extra sleep, does your adolescent still seem fatigued or tired much of the time? Low energy and lots of sleep could be signs of a problem with the thyroid, it could be something else entirely, or it could be an example of a symptom of depression.

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