“Small” Famous People Who Reached Greater Heights

“Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length” – Robert Frost

This quote is always true. If there’s one thing in life that many tend to worry about when it comes to their career, choosing a partner, or as simple as getting their photos being clicked and liked, it has to be one’s height. For centuries, we’ve been ridiculing the ones who aren’t “tall enough”. We question their abilities physically and even their achievements in life. But look around you peeps, not everybody is of the same height, right? So how is it that we find ourselves in a position to mark a perfect height for someone else? We cannot because there is really nothing as such.

It is said that taller men and women are associated to be more healthy, intelligent, and dominant in life. It’s said that they end up earning more. And also that “dominance” and “greatness” are two traits which are often associated with them (1). But, on the other hand, no matter what your height is, you can’t make it big in life and achieve your dreams until and unless it’s you work hard for it. It’s the hard work and sheer perseverance that will take you closer to your dreams.

In today’s world, I find myself looking up to many inspirational personalities
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1Looking up

In today’s world, I find myself looking up to many inspirational personalities who’ve carved out a niche for themselves in this competitive world and stand tall in a world full of people of various heights. These personalities will show you why there is no such thing as a perfect height. If you’re wondering who, here’s a small list of people whom I admire and yes, they have made their not-so-tall height perfect for themselves. They are musicians, actors, fighters, and even leaders. They are more famous than their tall counterparts. And yes, they are uber cool, successful women and men, irrespective of their height. Read on.