Maintaining Wellness & Believing in Yourself

“Believe in yourself”

You’ve probably heard that three-word phrase more times than you can count, whether from your parents, from supportive friends, or from other articles and inspirational posts you’ve come across on the internet.

The concept of believing in yourself and maintaining wellness through self-acceptance has always been popular in literature, philosophy and religion, which means it can be very easy to fall into platitudes. Instead of rehashing the same old advice, we’re going to explain just how much power believing in yourself can give you, and how it can lead you down the road you’ve always wanted to be on.

There are many real life demonstrations and examples that will show you the importance of believing in yourself, but they can be more subtle than you think, and it is in these subtleties that you will find a newfound confidence that will not turn you to arrogance.

The Discrepancy Between Appearance and Belief

appearance and belief

Appearances don’t always reflect truth. They rarely do. In fact, many people who appear to believe in themselves and have plenty of confidence, have most likely been exactly where you are, wondering how they can feel better about themselves and reach their goals. The most famous and successful people in the world, from all walks of life and all career fields, every single one of them has faced doubt and uncertainty about if they’re capable of succeeding, or if they even deserve to succeed. It’s a scary thought, but it is important to realize that in a competition driven society, where many industries can be unforgiving and cutthroat, lacking belief is perfectly normal, and is something that has been overcome millions of times by millions of people just like you. If it’s possible for them to overcome it, that means you will always be able to, even it takes time to get there.

Not only this, but once you realize how shallow and fake the concept of confidence really is, you won’t worry so much as to how you come across to others. You will focus more closely on what’s inside, rather than what you portray, and this will help you continue to grow into yourself and who you really are.