Enhancing Technology Adoption for Increased Productivity

Enhancing Technology Adoption for Increased Productivity

Discover strategies for enhancing technology adoption for increased productivity. Learn how a “learning path” approach can improve efficiency and drive top-line and bottom-line gains for your business.

Technology rollouts can be highly disruptive, especially when they involve daily productivity tools. A “learning path” approach can show users new and better ways to accomplish their tasks. Upgrading to new applications and tools can significantly benefit a business. Up-to-date software can improve efficiencies and boost productivity, leading to both top-line and bottom-line gains. However, achieving these benefits requires getting people on board with the change and comfortable with the new systems.

Enhancing Technology Adoption for Increased Productivity

Unfortunately, many companies struggle with this critical step.

A PwC study found that 90% of executives believe their company considers employees’ needs when introducing new technology, but only 53% of staff members agree. Additionally, only 50% of staff members are satisfied with the resources available to learn how to use new technology.

Switching to a new platform or productivity suite can be highly disruptive. Often, new software is installed overnight or over the weekend, leaving employees to navigate a new system immediately upon returning to work.

Too often, there’s no process for helping users understand the new functions they need for their job and how the new platform can assist them. When people aren’t aware of the range of collaboration tools available, they default to the programs and processes they’re already comfortable with.

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